She knows best: MammaItalia’s story

MammaItalia is an idea. An idea by Ivano, Gaetano, Caterina, Luca and Claudio, who during their expat lives missed the healthy and tasty food that had always been part of their habits. Local olive oil, cheese, cold cuts, wine and all their regional delicacies were impossible to forget; also, it was extremely hard to find authentic, quality Italian ingredients in foreign shops, to prepare even the simplest recipes.

They decided to create an intuitive solution for this “survival” problem, shared by all Italian people spending time abroad: a mobile app to let them geolocalize, find and purchase any original Italian product, anywhere in the world.

The app looks like a “Google Maps” dedicated to food: by typing the name of a product or selecting a category, you can find items and brands available online or in closeby shops, referring to a map showing all interesting retailers, their location and their address.


Furthermore, MammaItalia allows you to explore the full variety of Italian food available around you, to look for specific specialties you didn’t think of, or to rediscover traditional recipes.

Supporting the Italian Quality

There is much more in what MammaItalia does everyday, apart from the love we have for our Bel Paese, its flavours and aromas.

Everyday, Italian food export revenues have to fight against a very serious issue: counterfeiting, also known as “Italian Sounding”. It is the sale of products with Italian-ish names, used as proof of quality to unaware foreigners, although their production isn’t even close to Italian ground. This phenomenon generates profits that double up the revenue of our authentic Made in Italy food.

MammaItalia found its role in this upsetting situation, by allowing over 1.2 billion Italian Food Lovers in the world to find and purchase exclusively authentic, quality Italian products, with a few taps on their smartphones.

Furthermore, the companies producing those products have an additional tool of support and self-promotion: for them, it is possible to display their exporting products on the app for free.

A community for all Italians across the world

Since the app was launched, a very interesting community was naturally born and it’s growing by the day: our followers, mostly Italian expats, follow our social media channels to keep in touch, to share their favourite recipes and cooking hacks, to discover authentic producers and even to recommend retailers and e-shops to integrate our database. Another example of our spirit and our solidarity among compatriots, even – and especially – when we are away from home.

MammaItalia’s marketplace

After our app, our marketplace: we created this online shop to meet the same needs that gave us the very first idea. It is a new channel to promote Made in Italy food, provided by authentic producers selected by our team, fond of their tradition and of food culture as much as we are.

Everything you will find on this marketplace is provided by the minds and hands of Italian entrepreneurs, who chose to bet on their homeland by committing themselves to their products, strictly connected to tradition, simplicity and authenticity.

To us, allowing you to know them and telling their stories is a duty and an honor.









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