Box mix Albacore and Yellowfin Tuna

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3 115g jars of Yellowfin Tuna and 3 115g jars of Albacore in extra virgin olive oil made exclusively by hand Caught using hooks and longlines methods

24,90 IVA inclusa


We have enclosed in one package 2 products which differ by the colour of the fillets and by taste. Both are caught by hooks and longline methods and made exclusively by hand in an artisan way; carefully chosen for their quality and preciousness. After careful cooking, they are placed by hand in jars to preserve their charactersistics whilst the choice of extra virgin olive oil gives the product a sophisticated taste. Produced exclusively with excellent ingredients, which don’t mask but rather enhance the taste.

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Box mix Albacore and Yellowfin Tuna

24,90 IVA inclusa

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