Box Nocciole Di Giffoni

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1 Pack of Roasted Hazelnuts from Giffoni,

1 Pack of Biscuits with Hazelnuts “Biscotti Giffoni” 200gr,

1 Pack of Biscuit with Hazelnuts “Noccioletto” 200 gr,

1 Pack of Hazelnut Biscuit “Slices with Hazelnuts and Vanilla” 200 gr

1 Pack of Tarallo with Hazelnuts,

1 Pack of Crunchy Hazelnuts 100 gr,

1 Pack of Sandblasted Hazelnuts 100 gr

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39,00 IVA inclusa


Roasted Hazelnuts
Ingredients: 100% Hazelnuts variety Giffoni The Protected Geographical Indication “Nocciola di Giffoni” refers to one of the most valuable Italian varieties of all: the Tonda di Giffoni. The distinctive characteristics of the “Nocciola di Giffoni” PGI are represented by the white pulp, consistent, with an aromatic flavor, and by the perisperm (the inner film) that is thin and easily detachable.

Due to these valuable characteristics, it is particularly suitable for the preparation of confectionery specialties.
Hazelnut Biscuit “Biscotto Giffoni” Classic but timeless Tozzetto, with Giffoni Hazelnut.

Hand made with artisanal methods. Biscuit Ingredients: Wheat flour, granulated sugar, Hazelnuts 50%, eggs, fat 8% (25% butter, 75% margarine), leavening agent (sodium bicarbonate), flavorings. “Noccioletto” Hazelnut Biscuit
Fragrant biscuit with 50% Giffoni hazelnut grains. Artisan product made with fresh and top quality raw materials. Ingredients: Granulated sugar, toasted hazelnuts, glucose syrup and natural flavors.
Hazelnut Biscuit “Slices with Hazelnuts and Vanilla.

Crumbly vanilla dough that wraps Giffoni hazelnuts giving life to a product with an intense and unique taste. Ingredients: Wheat flour, 20% fat (15% butter, 85% margarine), Toasted hazelnuts, powdered sugar, eggs, flavoring (vanilla).
Tarallo with Hazelnuts
Only Giffoni hazelnuts combined with a spicy part give life to a fragrant and tasty tarallo with an extraordinary and unmistakable taste. Handmade with first choice ingredients.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, hazelnuts, lard, salt, pepper, brewer’s yeast.
Crunchy Hazelnuts
Crushed hazelnuts from Giffoni and caramelized sugar give life to this traditional dessert. Very crunchy and very tasty. Ingredients Toasted hazelnuts, glucose syrup and natural flavors


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