Caponata Box

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The package includes:

– n. 2 jars 500g of Caponata 1

– n. 2 jars 180g of Caponata 2

35,50 IVA inclusa


The result of an ancient recipe, handed down from generation to generation, Caponata Don Vito is produced with only natural and genuine ingredients, carefully selected. Chunks of eggplant are fried and then seasoned with tomato sauce, capers, celery and olives, all characterized by a singular sweet and sour flavor. The traditional caponata recipe is then enriched with further delicious and tantalizing ingredients: peppers, pine nuts and sultanas to give an even more exciting and overwhelming taste to a typical dish of Sicilian cuisine. Caponata 1 and Caponata 2: excellence to be tasted!

The box includes:

-n. 2 jars 500g of Caponata 1 Ingredients: Fresh aubergines (65%), Tomato puree (25%), Sunflower oil (10%), Extra virgin olive oil, Celery, Olives, Capers, Onion, Wine vinegar, Salt, Sugar

-n. 2 jars of 180g of Caponata 2 Ingredients: Fresh aubergines (35%), Fresh peppers (30%), Tomato puree (20%), Sunflower oil, Extra virgin olive oil, Pine nuts, Carrots, Celery, Sultanas, Olives, Capers, Onion , Wine vinegar, Salt, Sugar.


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