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n. 2 tomato products in glass: eggplant sauce; rocket sauce; n. 2 packs of pasta: calamarata 500 g, noodles 500 g; n. 2 bottles of oil Antemi oil 500 ml, Zaira oil 500 ml; n. 3 packs of tiratelli taralli: curcuma 250 g, hot pepper 250 g, black barley 250 g. n. 3 packs of biscuits: mbriachelle 250 g, peppers 200 g, ghoriba 200 g.

65,00 IVA inclusa


One of our greatest satisfactions comes from the cultivation of tomatoes which, thanks to careful cultivation strategies, contain a reduced amount of nickel, even the raw oval tomato contains only 0.001 mg-kg. The rocket and aubergine sauces are prepared with organic raw materials, in addition to aubergines and rocket, they contain extra virgin olive oil, onion, garlic and salt. Our pasta contains only 48% gluten and a reduced quantity of nickel; particularly suitable for people who are slightly intolerant to nickel, diabetics and anyone who chooses to eat healthy! Our wheat, a Provencal variety, is stone-milled to keep all the nutritional qualities intact. The result is an excellent wholemeal semolina with a fair amount of cruschino. Semolina becomes pasta in the skilled hands of artisan pasta makers. All our formats are bronze drawn and slowly dried at low temperatures. Antemi oil is a real elixir, obtained from the cold pressing of the Sperone di gallo olive, an entirely Molise rarity! From this native olive comes the Antemi variety, an organic extra virgin olive oil with a strong and intense flavor with a pleasantly spicy aftertaste, particularly suitable for dressing legumes. In the olive grove there are only 80 plants of this variety … a limited edition !!! Delicate Zaira oil, suitable for children’s first meals and for the preparation of light and tasty dishes. This oil is obtained by pressing a Molise olive, the Rosciola di Rotello. Vegetables become condiments, side dishes or ingredients for delicious aperitifs. Tiratelli recall familiar flavors. Crunchy and tasty, they are a treat to be enjoyed at any time of the day … the problem is to stop … when you say: one leads to another! From this certainty comes the name of our tiratelli !! They are good, they are organic and they are light, thanks to a 12-hour leavened pre-dough combined with the final dough; in addition to lightness, this procedure guarantees fragrance for about 6 months. The three flavor variants share fragrance and crunchiness; those with chilli pepper are delicately spicy, those with curcuma have a strong flavor and those with black barley have a delicate flavor. The biscuits are prepared with type 2 flour obtained from the stone milling of the Martino company wheat. The mbriachelle are traditional white wine sweets and do not contain milk, eggs and butter. Pepatelli are one of the gastronomic symbols of Christmas in Molise, soft or crunchy, they are prepared with flour, honey, sugar and almonds, ours represent the right compromise between softness and crunchiness. Ghoriba are excellent Moroccan biscuits which, after having aroused Emilia Martino’s curiosity, have entered our assortment. Delicious and delicate biscuits prepared with durum wheat semolina flour, coconut flour, lemon zest and organic sunflower oil. Excellent to be enjoyed at the end of a meal or to accompany steaming infusions

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