Box “Il pacco da giù di Alba”

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1 piece Aged sheep and goat cheese (6 months) 300-350 g.

2 pieces Tomato puree (glass bottle 720 ml)

1 Extra virgin olive oil bottle 1 lt

1 pc Semi-aged sheep and goat cheese cream (glass jar 200 g. net weight) net weight

2 pieces Yellow winter tomatoes (glass jar 580 g. net weight)

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70,00 IVA inclusa


Try the best of Alba Società Agricola’s productions with this box of handcrafted products.

The tomatoes grown on the farm are harvested at the right degree of ripeness and processed in small batches in order to guarantee their freshness and quality even in the jar.

The sheep and goat cheese is produced in the farm’s micro dairy using mixed raw milk from grazing animals. Once pressed by hand, it is slowly aged in maturing cells colonized by ancient noble molds.

Seven is the name of our oil because is made with seven native varieties of healthy olives Seven native varieties of olives, harvested at the right time and pressed within the day with a continuous milling system that minimizes the presence of oxygen and prevents overheating for a cold extraction that preserves and enhances the naturally present polyphenols in the oil. Sette is a balanced oil in which all the components, olfactory and gustatory, find their place at the moment of tasting. Medium-intense fruity, pronounced bitter and spicy but harmonious, it is characterized by the marked hint of ripe red tomato, typical of the native Sperone di Gallo cultivar, predominant in this area of Molise.

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Box "Il pacco da giù di Alba"

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