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Those who choose this box choose Puglia and its best fruits: the Almonds of Alta Murgia. You will bring to the table the typical Apulian sweets such as marzipan, La Cupeta (Apulian name of the crunchy almond), salted almonds, toasted and flavored with turmeric. A 100% pure almond cream to spread or as a substitute for oil and butter in the kitchen. The pure white cream is also an excellent base for preparing fresh almond milk at home. Finally the Senatore Cappelli Durum Wheat biscuits, an ancient grain. In Senatore Cappelli wheat there are: vitamin E, vitamin B complex, pantoteic (or vitamin B5) and folic acids, beta-carotene, iron, magnesium, calcium, iodine and selenium.

45,00 IVA inclusa


The Apulian almond contains valuable organoleptic qualities thanks to the high content of oil and polyunsaturated fatty acids, thanks to the very low acidity and intense flavor but, at the same time, balanced, with final notes of butter. For this reason, almond is recognized as a raw material of excellence for pastry products and our region wanted to reward those who guarantee the transformation of this precious and typical fruit of the area.
All Made in Puglia Ti Fa bene products have almonds as the main ingredient.
The delicious pastries, unique in the almond supply chain, received the concession from the Puglia Region to use the “Puglia Quality Products” trademark: collective community quality trademark with indication of origin. The brand guarantees the quality and origin of the product precisely because it ensures the use of only Apulian almonds in the production. The supply chain agreement guarantees the traceability of the almonds as it is possible to follow the fruit from the harvest to the processing of the finished product: Marzipan, Cupeta, Chocolate bars and almonds.
The “Puglia quality products” brand.
almonds * Filippo Cea 62%, corn syrup * 35%, honey *. MARZAPANI INGREDIENTS WITH PISTACHIOS: ALMONDS * from Puglia 48%, cane sugar *, egg white *, fructose, fresh lemons *, PISTACHIOS *, icing sugar * (cane sugar *, tapioca starch *). Natural aroma. PRALINED INGREDIENTS: Apulian almond * 60%, cane sugar *, honey *. SPELLED COOKIES INGREDIENTS: wholemeal spelled flour * 22%, corn syrup and barley malt * 19% (corn flour *, barley malt *), spelled flakes * 17%, sunflower oil *, flour spelled * 16%, fresh eggs *, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate, salt. INGREDIENTS BACI DI DAMA WITH ALMONDS: Almonds * 21%, rice flour *, cane sugar *, butter *, extra dark chocolate * 70% min. (cocoa mass *, cane sugar *, cocoa butter *, emulsifier: soy lecithin, vanilla extract *), corn starch *, sunflower oil *, rice starch *, fructose, salt. * RAW MATERIALS FROM ORGANIC AGRICULTURE.


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