Salty Box

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n. 5 packs of tiratelli Taralli: n. 1 onion and raisins 250g; n. 1 oregano 250g; n. 1 pumpkin and rosemary 250g; n. 1 turmeric 250g; n. 1 wholemeal 250g;

n. 2 packs of dumplings: n. 1 truffle and saffron 200g; n. 1 black barley 200 g.

30,00 IVA inclusa


Tiratelli remember familiar flavors. Crunchy and tasty, they are a treat to be enjoyed at any time of the day … the problem is to stop … when you say: one leads to another! From this certainty comes the name of our Tiratelli !! They are good, they are organic and they are light, thanks to a 12-hour leavened pre-dough combined with the final dough; in addition to the lightness, this procedure guarantees the fragrance for about 6 months The gnocchetti, the new born in the Martino house, are delicious nuggets to be enjoyed during an aperitif or simply to enjoy a pleasant break. The box contains two flavor variants, the disturbing and enveloping one with saffron and truffle and the one with black barley from Etipia.

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