A tower that has become a symbol and inserted today, as a true protagonist, also in the new logo.

His figure is unmistakable and stands in the middle of the rows, the crests drawn by the vines on the extraordinary hills whose landscape received the prestigious recognition, attributed in 2014, as an artistic heritage of humanity, officially becoming part of the World Heritage List of Unesco.

Climbing the 108 steps of the tower, the 360-degree panorama that opens up to tourists and the curious is breathtaking, between the soft and sinuous hills of the Asti Langa and the gaze that is lost on the snow-capped peaks of the Alps on clear days.

Our vineyards draw the landscape for 300 hectares between the high hills of Nizza Monferrato and Acqui Terme: here all the typical vines in these lands of Piedmont are best interpreted:

Barbera, Dolcetto, Grignolino, Cortese, Chardonnay and of course Moscato and Brachetto.

The new generations of winemakers are now at work to capitalize on the experience of the founders, combining knowledge with new energy, technologies and contemporary methods to obtain wines of the highest quality.

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