The love for Sicily and the desire to give voice to the ancient winemaking tradition and vocation of the territory, lead Ueli and Erika BH, to acquire, in 2000, an ancient Estate, subsequently transforming it into the only wine and organic reality of the territory.

Thus, in the fertile and hilly Avola, a splendid baroque town in the south-east of Sicily, in 2005 about 12 hectares of vineyards were planted for the production of white and red berried grapes. Since then Palmeri has expanded and the main activity is now flanked by the production of extra virgin olive oil, ancient Sicilian wheat of the Russello variety, almonds and citrus fruits.

The company’s goal is to guarantee high quality wines and products with a strong territorial identity, while maintaining its commitment to safeguarding biodiversity, the entire agricultural ecosystem, investing in ever new and sustainable solutions.

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